Tourism In Poland


Swietokrzyskie Mountains

Tatry and Podhale


The Świętokrzyskie Mountains
are the oldest mountains in Poland.
The Świętokrzyski  National Park was created here The highest  range of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains  – the Łysogór range – has beenprotected  monastery called the Holy Crossstands on Łyśc 
The Tatra National Park
is located in the south of Poland. 

TPN borders with the national park of
Slovakia with which it is an
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
. The accommodation base
is Zakopane and Podhale villages.

Tourist Guide  to the Pieniny Mountains. 

Pieniny are called the park of two
nations of Poland and Slovakia. It is one
of the most charming places in
Europe. Areas covering the Pieniny are
almost entirely protected

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Sky-adventure. Intergational Events, Off-Road, Quads, Paintball, Rafting and Rope Park




Online Guide
to Polish and Slovak Spisz. 

Spiš or Slovakian Spiš
is a beautiful land located
on the territory of Slovakia and Poland.
Most of the villages in Spisz date back to
the 13th century.

Gorce is a mountain range
located in Poland. 
Gorczański National Park was created here
. The highest peak is Turbacz.
The little-visited paths, fresh
air and beautiful views are a paradise
for lovers of active tourism.
The Sudetes are located on the border of
Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.
The most famous part of the Sudety  Mountains are the Giant Mountains. It is the highest Sudeten range with the highest  peak – Śnieżka.Table Mountains are unique  in Poland. 
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Beskid Sądecki and Niski

Baltic coast and Kashubia


Beskid Sądecki are mountains
belonging to the Western Beskids. 
 They are located in Poland in the Lesser Poland voivodship between
the Dunajec river in the west and the
Tylicka Pass in the east. Further to the east there is the Low Beskid.
The Baltic coast and Kashubia are
an extremely picturesque part of Poland. 

The whole region, along with the distant Baltic Sea coast, promotes tourism. There are many holiday resorts
and sandy beaches here. 

The Mazowieckie Voivodship is located
in the very center of Poland and
partly includes a part of Podlasie.
Attractions of Mazovia are not  only monuments of Warsaw. You can  also relax here in the bosom of nature. The largest reservoir is jez.Zegrze.
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Warmia and Mazury



Warmia and Masuria are one of the most attractive tourist areas in Poland.

Masuria has the largest
Polish lakes that provide excellent
conditions for sailing,
canoeing and fishing

In the south of Poland, between the
Tatras and the Beskid Wysokie,
Poland is part of Orava.

The main village in this region
is Jabłonka. Orava is an excellent
base for trips to Slovakia. Babia Góra dominates from the west over Orava.
Tourist Guide  to the Pieniny Mountains. 

Pieniny and Polish Spisz.
The website features descriptions of tourist
attractions in Pieniny,

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